gpg keys of Bernhard R. Link

I've currently three gpg keys. Two old keys and one supposed to replace those two soon. The new one is this one:
pub   4096R/AFFC96D1151DFFDC 2011-12-24
      Key fingerprint = F8AC 04D5 0B9B 064B 3383  C3DA AFFC 96D1 151D FFDC
My older keys to be obsoleted soon are:
My old signing key:
pub   1024D/330FFC6C6F22C838 2001-11-04
      Key fingerprint = F219 B4F0 B700 87C9 3E13  3613 330F FC6C 6F22 C838
(I do not know what the original expire date of this one was. At some time in the past gpg started to show only question marks but now it again shows a date and that is 2053. I do not think it was that late originally).
And then there is a old key I only used for Debian related stuff and am still using until the first is connected enough to enter the Debian keyring:
pub   1024D/4EB016BCAA6541EE 2001-12-29
      Key fingerprint = E6E2 824D B81C 3689 659F  6B68 4EB0 16BC AA65 41EE

All three keys should be available from all the big keyservers, but you can also download them here: 151DFFDC, 6F22C838, AA6541EE.
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